Immediately after Alison’s disappearance, Mona totally switched herself and you may befriended Hanna, plus they both became popular students

Immediately after Alison’s disappearance, Mona totally switched herself and you may befriended Hanna, plus they both became popular students

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) was an old unpopular girl at the Rosewood which longed getting accepted toward Alison’s classification and you will are constantly teased from the Alison. She has actually bullying Lucas, far in order to Hanna’s irritation. Pursuing the appearance of Good, Mona sees that Hanna has become pretending surprisingly, and you may feels envious that Hanna features rekindled the woman relationships that have Aria, Emily, and you may Spencer. She dislikes Caleb and you will helps make attempts to split Hanna and you can Caleb up, also asking Lucas to have help (no matter if the guy declines). Mona can be a bit romantically involved in Noel, hence Hanna disapproves regarding. Even though Noel vacations with this lady, Mona recognizes one Hanna try right about Noel. Mona? Mona doesn’t do so and you may alternatively yields the newest necklace she stole back into the accessories shop where she was met with the fresh new police and is bought to-do community services from the involved in a soup home.

Regardless of this, Mona has been getting endangered from the “A”. Hanna establishes it is best in the event the Mona hangs together plus the other people having protection from “A”. On last episode of Year dos it is revealed that Mona is “A” . She ends up with a psychological description and you can threatens Spencer by offering their a choice of possibly “joining the new A group” otherwise “disappearing” through Spencer’s father’s gun (Mona admits one to she is the main one so you’re able to bargain it out of their table). Mona shifts on a far more angry frantic condition whenever Hanna, Aria and you can Emily show up (Spencer notified her or him through the woman cell phone) and you can periods Spencer which leads to Mona falling off of your own regional cliff. Mona survives, but is dedicated to an emotional medical by this lady doctor, try identified as having an antisocial character infection, borderline personality infection coupled with the woman higher cleverness (she try living in a state from “hyper fact” in which everything revolved around the woman).

Colleagues out of Ava Jalali [ ]

At the end of the fresh occurrence, Mona is actually decided to go to because of the a mysterious stranger (dressed in a reddish finish) in the rational business and you may acknowledges she did everything that she is “instructed to do”. Meaning one Mona is just one of of many “A’s” and there is anybody else calling the fresh shots. Inside the Season cuatro, she is focused because of the most recent chief of your An effective-Group (Red coat) that is now an excellent quasi-liar. Throughout the middle-year finale of season 5, the woman is savagely slain from the , which will be mentioned inactive of the cops. not, in the 12 months 5 finale, the woman is shown are alive, possesses been helt captive because of the ‘A’ for five weeks. The woman is rescued to the girls, and her mother takes their out to own recuperation.

She production to Rosewood once again when you look at the occurrence 5 from 12 months six, and kind away from starts to help the female learn more about Charles. It is indicated that Mona came across Lesli from the Radley, and therefore Lesli observed Charles and you can shared a bedroom having Bethany Young.

“A”‘s label was Mona, which was found at the conclusion of Season 2. Although directors idea for the reason that perhaps she was not the only one delivering messages and tormenting new four ladies. From the a party Hannah recalls whom ” A” is. Spencer matches Mona to attempt to discover Officer Wilden. Whenever Mona begins taking place a good detour. Spencer requires in which they are

Family unit members [ ]

  • Ella Montgomery (Holly Marie Combs) (12 months 1 – 7) was Aria’s mommy, and additionally an instructor from the Rosewood High. Ella thinks for their youngsters because the household members, much less property. She’s said that she does not want to operate a vehicle into Aria’s private lives, and she believes you to definitely Aria shall be permitted to keep gifts. Ella is actually unacquainted with the woman partner’s affair having students up to “A” sent her a letter. Immediately after inquiring Byron to move out, and his awesome refusal, she kept our home. At some point, Aria revealed this lady moms and dads was indeed privately making-up, and you may Ella chooses to flow back into. When the woman guy, Mike, was depressed, she doesn’t end up being he needs therapy, and you can remains quite in assertion about his infection. She in the long run obtains the woman wake-upwards call when he attacks the woman in his bedroom. Whenever Ella revealed Aria is matchmaking Ezra, she is actually crazy, but she believed Aria when she told you she got broken they of, and you may attempted to victory this lady back the girl liberty, and this Byron did not think she deserved. Afterwards, she discovers you to Aria Baptist dating apps free and you may Ezra are nevertheless with her, and you may establishes she’s going to attempt to understand its matchmaking. Ella understands An effective, and you can tries to post Aria so you’re able to a good boarding college or university to obtain away. Aria is frustrated, and you can blackmails the woman mommy with the perhaps not experiencing involved. Ella tearfully says to Aria just how ashamed she is, and just how she does not learn how to rescue the matchmaking. In year step 3, she and you will Byron have divorced and you can Ella tries to move ahead together with her existence not knowing how. Aria creates a visibility on her behalf toward a dating website below brand new nickname “Beautiful Mamma.” Ella was annoyed at the Aria however, after she wants the concept and you can starts relationships again. She befriends and you may initiate matchmaking the master of the fresh new produce whom is a lot younger than just their. In the seasons cuatro, she actually leaves Rosewood therefore she will wade live with the lady date inside the European countries however, production at the end of seasons cuatro.